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Multiple NFL executives bash NY Jets’ offseason additions

Tyron Smith
Tyron Smith, Getty Images

The New York Jets’ offseason additions have been met with NFL incredulity

There’s criticism — and then there’s New York Jets criticism.

Joe Douglas has approached the 2024 offseason exactly as most Jets fans hoped. He has systematically plugged their holes with quality players on short-term deals. Yes, there is risk involved, but he still has the draft to insure against that risk.

Still, that hasn’t prevented national and local voices from lambasting and lampooning the Jets. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky have cast doubt on the Jets’ ability to compete in 2024.

According to an article in The Athletic that polled NFL executives, those inside the NFL feel largely the same way.

One executive pulled no punches.

“It’s almost comical, but if the quarterback plays, he plays almost instantly at a top-tier level and they become a playoff threat immediately even without a plan,” the executive sneered.

Another executive was more measured but still cynical: “Yes, it’s going to leave a large mess if it doesn’t work, but it’ll be someone else’s job to clean it up.” He added, “If this is your last chance to get it right, don’t half-step. But to say they are incurring risk is beyond an understatement.”

The executives pointed to the age and injury histories of Aaron Rodgers, Tyron Smith, and Mike Williams. The article highlighted the fact that the Jets’ additions average 29.1 years of age, the oldest of any team with at least three additions.

While the concerns about injury are not without merit, to say the Jets don’t have a plan is wildly unfair. They’ve taken calculated risks at important positions, true. But their offseason is not over yet; there is still the draft and more time in free agency to build up depth in case of injury.

Overlooking the Tyrod Taylor addition is a mistake. Sure, Taylor is an older backup, but he proved in 2023 that he is still an effective one. Should Rodgers go down on anything short of a season-long injury, Taylor can hold the fort for a Jets team that would likely have made the playoffs with short-of-disastrous quarterback play last season.

It is virtually certain that the Jets will add at least one if not two more receivers in the draft and free agency. Robert Saleh already indicated that the team is in contact with Corey Davis. This draft is deep at receiver, meaning the Jets could double-dip in the mid-to-late rounds and still find two contributors.

At offensive tackle, it seems likely that Douglas will add someone else. Even if that someone is David Bakhtiari, it would be a calculated gamble that he and Smith could cull together close to 20 healthy games. Perhaps the Jets will even add an offensive tackle in the first round, anchoring their depth with a game-ready player.

If the Jets add to those two positions — receiver and tackle — they are in good shape entering the regular season. There are other needs, such as backup running back, another safety, perhaps another linebacker, and one or two other positions. But is there any NFL team with such robust depth at this point in the offseason that they don’t have some needs?

Even for jaded Jets fans, it’s hard not to see a path forward in the AFC East. The ‘Same Old Jets’ curse is always a fear, but the Jets have more depth than the Bills or Dolphins.

The incredulity around the NFL should only fuel the Jets’ fire to prove the doubters wrong.

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1 month ago

It’s easy to sneer at acquisitions that are short-term and injury prone if that’s all you get. The real test of the Jets’ plan will come in the draft. If JD drafts for the offensive line, receivers, and a QB and shows he has a long-term plan, he will shut up the critics. If he doesn’t, then maybe the criticism will be justified.

1 month ago

They just want to hate on the Jets. What would they be saying if they didn’t sign anybody? I’m so tired of this, I was just watching Get Up and Foxworth stated he likes the Bills to win the division because when they had injuries last season, Josh Allen, and McDermott found a way to win. Interesting, what if they started 13 different Offensive lineman, 9 different staring combos AND lost Josh Allen for the season? Would they still have found a way to win?

It’s such a joke now, that it’s gross to even listen to. The Jets have earned their fair share of criticism but they get WAY more than their “fair share.” I have never once heard ANYBODY say what happened in NE the past two seasons was a “dumpster fire” but yet it was.

Saleh is right, there is nothing to say but win. That’s on the Jets for sure, but I’m so tired of people making S**t up as they go with the Jets, or just recycling the same stories. I wish I could go on TV, not know anything about what I’m talking about, and everybody believe what I was saying is true. I could never keep my current job if I acted that way.

I swear the final piece of training to get on one of the ESPNquirer, or NFL Network shows is 6 weeks of clown school so you can go on TV act like an a** and clown around with Swagoo, DO, RC and Baby Face. It’s to the point I can’t take Mike Greenberg’s daily acting like a fool for Jets’ attention.

That GM can stuff it, because I’m certain he would also be slamming them for not making any moves if they chose NOT to sign FA’s with risk. BTW…is that a thing? A free agent without risk?

The Jets have a plan, and the facts are this roster is FAR better than it was before Joe D. got here, period. FACT!

Last edited 1 month ago by Jets71
1 month ago

Show me an NFL GM who is not taking some risks and I’ll show you a losing team.
If you sit pat the fanbase accuses the owner of not caring about the product and just reaping profits
We are in “win now” mode, is it a little uncomfortable? hell yeah it is.
Let’s Go Jets