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5 things we want to see in NY Jets’ new uniform reveal

NY Jets
Aaron Rodgers, Getty Images

New York Jets are set to unveil new uniforms and a new logo on Monday

At last! The biggest NFL event of April is nearly here.

The New York Jets are reportedly set to unveil their new uniforms and logo on Monday.

We already know the Jets’ 2023 “Legacy White” throwbacks will become the new primary uniforms, with accompanying green and black versions being unveiled tomorrow. It is also presumed that the Jets will return to their 1978-97 primary logo.

There are still a few questions to be answered, though. Will the Jets use the exact same logo with no changes, or will they tweak it? What will the official shade of green look like? How will the black jersey be designed? Will the Jets change the helmet paint? Will they introduce a second alternate uniform, perhaps a throwback?

With those questions in mind, here are a few things I’d like to see tomorrow.

1. Keep the chrome helmet shell

When the Jets wore their Legacy White throwbacks in 2023, they had no choice but to retain the chrome green helmet shell that served as the team’s primary helmet shell from 2019-23. This is because teams were limited to only two helmet shells per season.

Since the Jets also had a matte black helmet in their lineup to be worn with their black jerseys, their only option with the Legacy White uniform was to keep the primary chrome green helmet shell and slap the 1980s logo decal on it. They also swapped out the black facemask for a white one.

Take a look at the two images below. This is the same helmet shell. The Jets just swapped the logo decal and facemask.

NY Jets, New Uniforms, Logo, Release Date, Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets Uniforms and Logo, Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers, NY Jets, Stats, Offense, Scheme
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Getty Images

With the upcoming rebrand, the Jets have an opportunity to alter the primary helmet shell. Instead of sticking with the chrome green that was an ideal match for their previous modernized set, they could switch to a more standard-looking solid paint that is not nearly as reflective – much like the original 1980s helmets.

Ken O’Brien, New York Jets, Getty Images

Personally, I want to see the Jets keep the chrome helmet shell. I thought it looked amazing with the Legacy White uniforms last year, especially under the prime-time lights at MetLife Stadium. It provides a sleek, modern element to complement the simplistic, classic vibe of the jerseys. Plus, it fits really well with the forward-moving, futuristic vibe of the logo (even if it was unveiled back in 1978).

I don’t love when NFL uniforms stray too far to one end of the spectrum, whether it’s too modern, ambitious, and noisy (Commanders) or too classic, plain, and boring (the Jets’ 1998-2018 uniforms). I’m a fan of balance. By keeping the striking reflectiveness of the chrome helmet shell, the Jets’ uniform would feature a beautiful blend of new and old.

2. Brighten the official shade of green

Mike Williams recently shared a photo of his new Jets locker on Instagram. Not only did it reveal his new jersey number, but it also gave us a sneak peek of what the Jets’ new official shade of green could look like.


If Williams’ photo is any indication, the Jets’ new official green will be noticeably lighter than the official green they used from 2019-23. This shade of green is the same one that adorns the entire Jets X-Factor website (hex code: #125740).

I hope the shade seen above is what the team decided on. Personally, I think it would be an upgrade. The previous green wasn’t bad, but I felt it was a little dark compared to how the uniforms actually looked on the field. This new shade is a much closer match to what the team looks like on the field. Overall, it’s more vibrant and has more “pop” to it.

3. Solid white numbers and solid green stripes for the black uniforms

It’s easy to picture what the Jets’ green jerseys are going to look like. It’s just going to be an inverse of the white jerseys we saw last year.

However, the Jets have some options when designing the black jersey. The numbers will presumably be white, but do you leave them solid or give them a green outline like the previous black jerseys? There are also options with the shoulder stripes? Green or white? Solid or outlined?

Or, the Jets could shock us all and unveil a black uniform that doesn’t strictly adhere to the rules of the primary green and white jerseys. I would be quite surprised if this happened, but we cannot completely rule it out.

In my opinion, the best concept I’ve seen is the one below by Joe McManus (@McManusDesign on Instagram). The numbers are solid white with no outlines. The shoulder stripes are green with no outlines. The collar is green.

via Instagram/@McManusDesign

That’s an awesome uniform, in my opinion. Perhaps most importantly, I think it displays the value of brightening the shade of green. With a slightly lighter shade of green, the black backdrop allows the green elements to really pop.

In the Jets’ previous black uniforms, the green elements would sometimes blend in with the black jersey if the lighting or weather was poor. Take a look at this photo, for example, and compare it to the concept above. The darker shade of green just doesn’t pop the same.

Mike White, Garrett Wilson, New York Jets, Chicago Bears
Mike White, Garrett Wilson, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Getty Images

Plus, the lack of a green outline on McManus’ concept allows the white numbers to pop more. On the Jets’ previous black jerseys, you could barely even see the green outline on the numbers.

I’m hoping McManus’ concept is a one-for-one preview of what the black jerseys will look like. Simple, crisp, clean. I don’t think the Jets could execute a black jersey any better than that.

As for the helmets, I’m cool with keeping the matte black finish and the chrome green facemask. I thought the alternate black helmet from 2022-23 was great – it just had a bad logo. That won’t be a problem anymore. Slap the 1980s logo on there with a white outline, and we’re cooking.

4. Introduce the Joe Namath-era primary greens as a throwback

It was recently announced that NFL teams unveiling new uniforms in 2024 were allowed to utilize a third helmet shell. This rule will expand to all teams in 2025, but the initial report specifically mentioned that teams working on redesigns for 2024 were allowed to take advantage of this new rule. This suggests that there is a good chance the Jets may be unveiling another alternate uniform.

Since the Jets will already have an alternative colorway for their primary set, it seems likely that a second alternate uniform would be a throwback.

If this is the case, the Jets could go in a few directions. They could bring back the Titans of New York look, whether it’s the blue-on-gold or white-on-gold. Or, they could bring back the 1998-2018 set that made its way to three AFC Championship games.

My choice would be the Joe Namath-era uniforms worn from 1963-1977.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Titans set. The blue jerseys are just plain ugly, in my humble opinion. The white jerseys are far better, but in general, I don’t love when teams wear uniforms that bear zero resemblance to their primary colorway. This is a huge problem in today’s NBA. I don’t need to see Aaron Rodgers repping “Gang Green” at MetLife Stadium in mustard-and-blue. The New York Jets should have green in their uniforms, dammit. (Let me yell at my cloud.)

As for the 1998-2018 uniforms, I think it’s too recent to wear those as throwbacks. There is still an active player on the team who wore those uniforms (Thomas Hennessy). Would this be the first time in NFL history a player wore a throwback uniform that was his primary uniform less than one decade earlier? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was. Give me at least 10 more years before I want to see those back.

Plus, the 1998-2018 uniforms are basically a replication of the 1963-1977 look, anyway. Only a few minor tweaks were made when Bill Parcells brought them back in 1998. The logo was rounder, the facemask was changed from gray to green, the official shade of green was slightly darkened, and the number font was tweaked. Other than that, they are essentially the same.

Still, there are enough differences to discern the Namath-era look from the 1998-2018 look. It would be the first time the Jets have introduced an official Namath-era throwback uniform, and it’s about time they honor the only championship team in franchise history.

While the Jets could go with the white jerseys to honor the look worn in their Super Bowl III victory, I say go with the green jerseys. This would set it further apart from the primary uniforms, as the darker green would take center stage.

New York Jets, Joe Namath
Joe Namath, New York Jets, Getty Images

5. Keep the logo unchanged

In my opinion, the Jets should simply revive the 1978-97 logo with no changes. My Cool Your Jets co-host Ben Blessington has stated that he would be open to seeing the Jets place the logo inside of an oval, much like the Jets’ midfield logo in their 2023 Legacy White games, but I’m not a fan. Too much empty space.

Plus, the infamous “updated oval shape” is too reminiscent of the hideous 2019-23 era. Let’s leave that behind us.

However, as Ben pointed out last year, Woody Johnson has that logo plastered in his office, so maybe this will be the new logo, to my chagrin.

While I understand that it would be easier to use the logo in branding if it had the oval – as the 1978-97 logo is admittedly very rectangular, and adding an oval makes it more square – it just doesn’t look great, in my opinion. The original logo works perfectly on its own and doesn’t need a backdrop. I understand the branding challenges of a rectangular logo, but the Chargers don’t have any issues.

If the Jets decide to dilute the iconic ’80s logo by stuffing it inside an oval, I will have serious questions about the direction of this franchise. As of this moment, my optimism for 2024 has been restored, but this change would drain every last droplet of hope that I have for the team – completely reversing all the good deeds of the past month-plus.

Do the smart thing, Woody.

Bonus: No fashion show

The Jets’ 2019 uniform unveil was infamously cringey. JB Smoove’s incredible comedic talents were wasted on an awkward fashion show-esque ceremony that featured Sam Darnold, Jamal Adams, Quincy Enunwa, Jamal Adams, Leonard Williams, Avery Williams, and Robby Anderson striking poses on stage at Gotham Hall in Manhattan.

Just drop the pics and videos on Twitter and call it a day, please.

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verge tibbs
verge tibbs
1 month ago

I dig the chrome green helmet look for sure. Also mcmanus’s trio there. Maybe even add a white stitching on the black jerseys white numbers.

Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
1 month ago

Very little mention of the font used for the numbers. I HATE the current sans serif numbers. No character.

1 month ago

I agree! And the 1 looks like a candlestick.

1 month ago

Ok, I hate the black but there is no stopping that now, 2 games ONLY please with the black. Also, the NFL needs a rule, PRIMARY uniforms ONLY for division games. There is nothing worse than watching a Jets/Dolphins or Jets/Patoilets game in BLACK!!!!! And, yes the numbers on the black need to be solid white.

I agree with lightening up the green, I also want the white facemasks not black. I don’t like the “oval” it looks like something is floating. Just the JETS, in fact they can take that oval off the field and just have the JETS logo.

I want the Namath throw backs, it’s time. And please, please, please no more black pants with white jerseys. ENOUGH of that look. You wear your black twice then put it away.