A.J. Brown submitted a bold prediction for his former Ole Miss teammate Elijah Moore.
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Elijah Moore has the full-on support of his former teammate, A.J. Brown

If some of the NFL’s most renowned receivers had their way, New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore would be hoisting the Offensive Rookie of the Year trophy as we speak.

After Odell Beckham Jr. theorized that Moore could potentially be an “All-Pro as a rookie“, fellow second-round receiver and Mississippi alum A.J. Brown had further accolades ready during an appearance on the Raw Room podcast hosted by NFL veterans Daren Bates and Jalen Collins.

During his appearance on Wednesday’s episode, Brown is asked by his former Tennesee Titans teammate Bates who his nominee for the “hardest-working player” would be, as well as someone who could “maybe motivate” him. Brown’s answer is well expected by the hosts.

“Besides myself?” the 2020 Pro Bowler rhetorically asks, drawing laughter. Order is eventually restored so Brown can provide his true answer.

“It would have to be my young boy, Elijah Moore,” Brown says. “It ain’t about his physical attributes, it ain’t about none of that. It’s his mindset. That’s why we clicked on another level.”

Brown and Moore played only a single season together in Oxford (2018), but it’s clear that the current Jet left a lasting impact. The elder Brown said he even removed himself from the first game of the season, a 76-41 win over Southern Illinois, so the freshman Moore could score his first collegiate touchdown. He even took Moore in as his roommate despite previously wanting to live alone.

The now-Titans star explained the thought process behind why he allowed Moore to become his roommate.

“When I was in school, I lived with D.K. (Metcalf) a little bit – end up moving out because I wanted to be by myself, I wanted my personal space. But when (Moore) got to school? You can come live with me, G. Because my mindset already crazy, and when I was talking to him, I was like, he was only going to make me better. I want to be around people who make me better.”

Brown appears to think many more classic moments are ahead, only this time in a green uniform. He sees them beginning to pile up sooner rather than later. Brown made a bold prediction for Moore’s rookie year.

“I (saw) him working out, I know what he wanted to do. I know the dreams he has. He’s going to go crazy this year with the Jets. He’s a real sleeper. I would put my money on him for Offensive Rookie of the Year over anybody. I ain’t even discrediting the guys who went in front of him, but yeah, ain’t nobody messing with him … Nobody that came out (of the draft is) messing with him.”

The Jets and Titans are slated to face off at MetLife Stadium on October 3, part of Week 4 action.

Moore will make his unofficial NFL debut on Saturday night, as the Jets battle the New York Giants in their preseason opener (7:30 p.m. ET, WNBC).

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Geoff Magliocchetti is a veteran football writer with years of credentialed experience with the Jets and Giants. Email: geoffmags90@gmail.com
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