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Derek Stingley Jr., NFL Draft, New York Jets, Getty Images

New York Jets expected to bolster their secondary

With Week 16’s events in the books, the New York Jets currently hold two picks in the top-10 of the 2022 NFL draft based on the current standings.

New York’s own first-round pick remains situated in the No. 4 slot after a win over Jacksonville. Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Chicago Bears, pushing their first-round pick – owned by the Jets – from the No. 8 slot to the No. 6 slot.

This is how the top of the draft looks at the moment.

  1. Jacksonville (2-13)
  2. Detroit (2-12-1)
  3. Houston (4-11)
  4. NY Jets (4-11)
  5. NY Giants (4-11)
  6. NY Jets via Seattle (5-10)
  7. Carolina (5-10)
  8. NY Giants via Chicago (5-10)
  9. Washington (6-9)
  10. Atlanta (7-8)

According to the website NFL Mock Draft Database – which compiles data from hundreds of mock drafts and big boards from experts across the internet – the national consensus at this point in time is that the Jets will select two defensive backs in the first round.

With the fourth overall pick, NFL Mock Draft Database has the Jets selecting LSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr., who is the most commonly-mocked player to New York at No. 4 with 35% of all picks. Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux follows at 15% while Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton comes in third at 14%.

Speaking of Hamilton, he is projected to be selected by the Jets with Seattle’s first-round pick in the sixth overall slot.

Stingley Jr. is actually the Jets’ most commonly-mocked player with Seattle’s pick as well, leading the way with 25% of all picks. Since Stingley Jr. goes to the Jets in the fourth slot in this consensus mock, the Jets take the next player on their list, Hamilton, who ranks second with 18% of all picks for Seattle’s slot.

On NFL Mock Draft Database’s consensus big board, Stingley Jr. is the fourth-ranked overall prospect while Hamilton comes in fifth. Purdue edge rusher George Karlaftis sits in the sixth slot.

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Grove Peate
Grove Peate
1 year ago

I want the center from Iowa.I don’t trust that LSU CB he has been slipping since his freshman yr,too many injuries.Haven’t we got enough of those players
DE if one of the two big guys fall.

1 year ago

The best defense is a great offense…offensive line that can keep drives alive and keep our defense on the bench while our qb doesn’t end up on IR. In the past decade, we always drafted defense. Where did that get us? Certainly not the playoffs in this offensively favored league. Ever attended a fantasy football draft party the last decade? Which team’s players got picked the fewest? Ours. Which team hasn’t been to the playoffs? Ours. The simple fact is if you score more points by having a great offense (like we never do) you win more games (like we never do). Decade of defensive draft experiment over. The results are in. Draft offense and win more games. It’s also more fun to watch a great offense score points. We are supposed to be watching the Jets for entertainment not self-inflicted misery.
PS nobody ever feels bad for us as we go 3 and out and punt. Punt, punt, punt….year after year after year