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Multiple NY Jets players appear to take subtle digs at Elijah Moore

Sauce Gardner, NY Jets, Elijah Moore
Sauce Gardner, New York Jets, Getty Images

It doesn’t seem like New York Jets players are siding with Elijah Moore

Ever since Elijah Moore requested a trade on Thursday, the chief concern among New York Jets fans has been whether the newfound drama would damage the positive energy in the locker room.

If the cryptic social media posts of Jets players are any indication, fans can rest assured that the Jets are remaining upbeat despite Moore’s situation. Multiple Jets players have appeared to give their two cents on the situation.

Sauce Gardner is responsible for the most notable post by a Jet that was likely referencing Moore.

On Friday, Gardner tweeted, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves.” This was posted less than one hour after Robert Saleh announced Moore will not play on Sunday.

Linebacker Kwon Alexander and running back Breece Hall liked Gardner’s tweet. Hall also liked the following tweet by former Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody, in which Woody says it is “definitely not the best look” for Moore to ask for a trade while his team is winning (although Woody also says the Jets should do a better job of getting him the football).

On Wednesday, Quinnen Williams shared a post on Instagram stating, “No I in T.E.A.M”. This was prior to the report of Moore’s trade request, but Moore’s first public complaints about his targets came on Monday, so it seems likely that tensions were already brewing at the time of Williams’s post.

It certainly seems like the majority of the team remains committed to the ultimate goal, undeterred by Moore’s antics. Check out this video clip from practice on Thursday as Hall’s teammates present him with his Rookie of the Week belt. Spirits in Florham Park still appear to be sky-high.

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Peter Buell
1 year ago

This is the worst I’ve seen Zack look with at least 3 balls thrown behind the receivers.
That said it’s difficult to get a true read when every other pass play he’s running away from 3 guys and deserves credit for not taking sacks or intentional grounding.
It’s hard to tell on the TV but on some of those scrambling for his life plays there have to be some he can take forward for positive yardage.
The Giants QB Jones dosent seem to be all that great in passing but he has been running when the opportunity.
I don’t know how they finished up but in Q3 he was the leading rusher with over 100 yards.
The line needs to hold up better and was really bad once AVT had to leave the field.
I think Zack will have better opportunities against the Patriots.
Bellicheck is a master but dosent have the players he did in the past. I’d like to see some “Pittsburgh” Zach this coming week.
With a D playing like the Jets are now with players who should be around for at least a few years, Zack dosent need to be prime Tom Brady, but if he can be a top 15 I’d be thrilled.
I’d hate to have to go QB hunting this offseason.
I’m sure they see more in practice when he’s not being chased down but an honest assessment from management won’t cone but would be nice.

1 year ago

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Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah
1 year ago

Listen, the locker room will get this straight. Right now he is listening to outside influences. People in his ear telling him he is better than he is. He needs to be patient while LaFluer and Zack get confortable in the offense. Zack is 3-0 and he hasn’t even hit his stride yet. Patience.

1 year ago

I think Quinnen’s IG post was a continuation of/reference to his on-field, postgame interview last Sunday in which he essentially said, “it’s not just Quinnen Williams making those plays,” and credited his line mates and Mosley for executing to the best of their ability and making him better. That and he comes off as too good-natured a human being to call out a teammate on social media. It feels much more in tune with his character to lean towards Quinnen showing humility and implying, “it’s not ‘I,’ it’s ‘us.'” The kid genuinely seems to want the entire Jets defensive unit recognized amongst the league’s best with individual accolades serving as validation of the former.

Richard Hausig
1 year ago

That speaks volumes. I wasn’t so upset about this because I think Moore is a good guy but his teammates aren’t happy, so there you go. Tell you one thing, that Sauce was raised right. The Williams brothers too.

Additionally, Coach Salah made an important statement here. We didn’t like it but we love the kid and support him. And he’s not playing Sunday because his head is not in the right place. Message received. Well done.

1 year ago

Moore gonna have to do some serious reconciliation with the team, but glad to see the guys have the team first mentality.

Peter Buell
1 year ago
Reply to  dudizt

Unless this was brewing, dudizt there is little time to find a trade partner that will upgrade the team.
Mims made a great block on the Hall run.and a nice catch with the ball behind him.
Didn’t see much of him later but could have been the packages.
Mims is very talented. Maybe as much as Moore, but for some reason his best isn’t coming through.
He had one lazy play later but only the coaches know for sure how he did.
Of the obvious teams that could use a WR, I don’t know what thier line looks like.
Green and Tampa Bays both desperately need a receiver but can they give us something in return that will help this team NOW?
This team is a year ahead of schedule imo. The D has been amazing but still needs to get off the field on 3rd down more often.