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Albert Breer asked other NFL teams what they would trade for Aaron Rodgers

The Aaron Rodgers trade drama continues to be the talk of the New York Jets‘ offseason. Rodgers declared on Wednesday that he intends to be a Jet, but a deal is still yet to be officially completed as the Jets and Packers play hardball over the trade compensation.

On Friday, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reported his findings from speaking to a few other uninvolved NFL teams about what they would give up for Rodgers.

Breer wrote, “I’d just say that if the 13th pick was on the table, with maybe a little sweetener, I think the deal would probably be done already. And in calling around, asking teams that are uninvolved what they’d give up, just about everyone said it should be a Day 2 pick this year, fronting a package with a conditional pick or two on the back end.”

This seems to line up with some of the rumors and reports we’ve heard about the trade conversations. Green Bay apparently wants to get at least one first-round pick. Joe Douglas and the Jets, unsurprisingly, are clearly not willing to give up a first-rounder.

Based on Breer’s report, it appears the Jets’ demands are closer to being logical than the Packers’.

Breer provided his opinion on a fair trade package for both sides.

“To me, a fair price would be the Jets’ second-round pick (No. 43) and a conditional pick this year or next or both,” Breer wrote. “One idea could be to have one pick be, at baseline, a third in 2024 that becomes a second if Rodgers makes the Pro Bowl on the original ballot and a first if the Jets get to the Super Bowl (meaning the pick would be, at most, No. 31). Or you could [add] a ’25 pick that rides, in part, on whether he plays in ’24. Or, again, both.”

Breer’s proposal makes a lot of sense. A second-round pick in addition to another mid-round pick, with conditions that could upgrade the pick depending on Rodgers’ success, would represent a happy medium that both sides should be satisfied with.

New York shouldn’t have to give up a first-rounder for a short-term rental of a nearly 40-year-old quarterback with an enormous contract. But that does not mean Rodgers should be attainable for pennies. Green Bay still deserves a trade package that is worthwhile for the four-time MVP who gave the franchise 15 great years.

We shall see which side blinks first.

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Harlan Lachman
Harlan Lachman
19 hours ago

The only caveat I would add to the two excellent suggestions below is to have the second year pick be contingent on Rodgers being on the roster for next year (unless of course the Jets win a super bowl).

4 days ago

Easy trade a 3rd this year and a conditional 4th next year that can become a 3rd if we make the playoffs, a 2nd if we make the AFC championship and a 1st of we make the Superbowl. Now let’s get a GD snack!

Michael Blackwood
Michael Blackwood
4 days ago

A 3rd this year & a conditional next year to include a 1st if the Jets win the Super Bowl – it’s top of the 1st round!… 2nd if we go to AFC Championship, 3rd if …playoffs; 4th if he plays over 50% of games…