NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers, Contract Details
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers does his part to help the New York Jets get not one, but two shots at a ring

It was first reported late Tuesday night that Aaron Rodgers had agreed in principle to a reworked contract with the New York Jets, but the details were still unknown to the public.

Now, the world knows the details of the future Hall of Fame quarterback’s new contract.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Rodgers agreed to a two-year, $75 million fully guaranteed contract through the 2024 season. It is a $35 million pay cut from the $110 million guaranteed that he had remaining on his old contract.

According to ESPN’s Field Yates, the contract includes a non-guaranteed $37.5 million year in 2025 plus four additional void years to spread the money out. This allows the Jets to stay under the salary cap in 2023, and it also clears a significant amount of cap space for the 2024 season. Rodgers will have an $8.84 million cap charge in 2023 and a $17.16 million cap charge in 2024.

The new contract all but guarantees Rodgers will stick around for a second season – perhaps barring a Super Bowl victory in the 2023 season, as he has previously suggested. You can never be certain about Rodgers’ future, but earlier today, he once again strongly hinted that he is planning on playing multiple seasons in New York.

“I’m having a blast. I don’t see this as a one year and done thing,” Rodgers said.

Ever since the Jets secured Rodgers’ verbal commitment in March, it was known that a reworked contract would have to be agreed upon at some point. Now, the Jets have finally gotten it done, allowing Rodgers and the team to focus on competing for a championship in the upcoming season.

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Mike Palazzo
Mike Palazzo
1 month ago

Rodgers is serious about winning a championship. Now the Jets need to get serious about protecting him. The O-line is going to be the deciding factor on how far this team goes.

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
1 month ago

AR playing 3 years would be an amazing thing. Even if he’s only top 15 qb in year 3 it would still be better than what we’ve become accustomed to.
Now, with Rodgers committed to at least 2 years it makes sense to trade Wilson.
Don’t see Joe getting a 2nd and 5th like Darnold but a 2nd would be great and there’s always a team/coach if desperate enough who thinks they can turn him around.
IMO Joe still has work to do with what’s left on the cap.
Spotrac says the Jets have $13.2 left and Mosely can be restructured.
Trading Wilson would add another $9.6 and I would like to have them sign Teddy Bridgewater.
I wouldn’t trust Zack if AR had to miss a few games…especially with this schedule.
If Mosely can add $8m that’s $30.8.
I don’t agree with Saleh that Whitehead will have a much better season in year 2 so I wish they hadn’t re-structered his. Johnson can be had for the vet minimum. Kwon needs to be back…probably about $3m at most and I want to play the Jackpot and get Josh Jacobs in here.
We can’t afford a sub 100% Breece with the 1st 6 games on the schedule.
Vegas may recind the tag. If not he’s worth the trade capital. If free a 3/$27 wouldn’t be too much with $18 guaranteed to have the best backfield in football when Breece is right and make sure we win as many of those forst four critical games as possible
Might have best backs, best corners..(all 3) and best D line
A very good start to a championship team.

1 month ago

Third year is very feasible, could work for the Jets. Jets are 12th in CAP space in 2024, with only 16 million, but cutting Moseley & Tomlinson could an additional 30 million

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
1 month ago
Reply to  JetOrange

cap is said to be going up $34m next year. Just wondering if that was factored in the $16m.
I’m hoping not (obviously) so if not and with the cuts which makes alot of sense it could be $80m which would be wonderful.

1 month ago

Brilliant news. Hard to believe he’s taken such a massive paycut and gives us a great chance in 2024 as well as this year.

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
1 month ago

To all the constant posters from Green Bay who said in many postings that he was selfish and a me only guy…taking a $35m hair cut to help the team be as good as it can be, I have this to say…maybe it was you guys and Packers management!
This isn’t seen often so big hats off to AR.