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A bar in Wisconsin isn’t buying the hype on Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets this season

Not everyone in Wisconsin is rooting for Aaron Rodgers now that he’s the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. After all, when there’s an 18-year emotional investment, post-breakup rationality is going to be sparse. In fact, one sports bar in Wisconsin is betting on the Rodgers-led Jets to fall flat this season.

Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee is going to pay the drink tabs of every customer in attendance for every game that the Jets lose this season.

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The bar is advertising this promotion with 13 Facebook events throughout the season in hopes of increasing their foot traffic. There are some rules, however, as explained on their Facebook page:

  • We are hosting a NEW season-long sports special at Jack’s American Pub! When the Jets lose a game, YOU WIN! We will pay everyone’s drink tab at Jack’s American Pub every time the Jets LOSE.
  • All you have to do is start a tab 15 minutes before the Jets game and watch on our plethora of TVs for the entirety of the game. If the Jets lose, YOU WIN!
    *Start a new drink tab 15 minutes before the Jets game
    *Watch the game with us
    *At the end of the game, if the Jets lose, we will pay your drink tab
  • RULES:
    *Aaron Rodgers must be starting
    *A New tab must be started before the game (15 minutes)
    *Jets must lose to get your drink tab paid for
    *Must be present for the entire game to get your drink tab paid for
    *This deal does not include food
    *Deal is not valid if the Jets play during Packers games

Rodgers and the Jets are coming off a euphoric win in the Snoopy Bowl, the final game of the preseason against the New York Giants. The game saw the Jets’ first-team defense lock down the Giants offense while the Rodgers-led offense ended their second drive with a Garrett Wilson touchdown.

With Rodgers and the Jets thinking about the playoffs, they are hoping there won’t be too many comp’d tabs at Jack’s this season.

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Thomas Christopher has been covering the Jets since 2018. He is an avid sports fan, mixed martial artist, fantasy football player and Rex Ryan stan. He's also one of Jets X-Factor's breaking news writers. Email: tpascar[at]yahoo.com
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Alvaro Pilar
Alvaro Pilar
24 days ago

Guys, the bar definitely knows that the JETS are going to kick ass!!!! They don’t pay if JETS WIN!!!!! hence they are (privately) cheering for the JETS to win and at the same time they bring all the pitiful cheeseheads in for drinks!!!!!
GO JETS!!!!!

24 days ago

I would argue they are betting on the Jets to win. They are taking advantage of heartbroken packers hoping the Jets lose in spite and the bar cleans up. That is why Rodgers playing is a condition.