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NY Jets’ Sauce Gardner responds to ‘ungrateful’ Mecole Hardman

Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner

Appearing on “The Pivot” podcast, New York Jets cornerback Sauce Garnder gave his take on Mecole Hardman’s previous comments

One of the New York Jets’ youngest players continues to show why he is one of the team’s best leaders.

Appearing on “The Pivot” podcast, star cornerback Sauce Gardner spoke about Mecole Hardman’s previous comments on the Jets and the environment surrounding them. He said that Hardman “talked” a lot when they first met, making his recent comments unsurprising.

“I was not surprised that he got on the podcast and talked about everything. If you asked me, it looked like he was just happy to be there,” said Gardner.

The two-time All-Pro then spoke about his viewpoint of the entire situation.

“I feel like you can’t discredit the Jets, especially him (Hardman). They sent you to a contender team. They sent you back to the Chiefs, and you just won a Super Bowl. I feel like that’s ungrateful. I feel like he should not have gone on there and talked about the Jets because he could have just taken the high road. You won the Super Bowl and had the game-winning catch,” said Gardner.

Gardner also mentioned that “the standard is the standard” and that every Jets player must follow it.

“If the offense can’t make certain things happen, that has nothing to do with the standard. They just couldn’t make it happen…Coach Saleh does a great job implementing a standard; it’s not an ego-driven program,” said Gardner.

“I know he mentioned helmets being on the ground. We don’t really have helmets on the ground; if there were, I know his helmet was one of the ones on the ground. If you know what it takes to win, you are going to make sure to let the team know. We are always in the locker room having fun and talking to each other after practice… the reason he couldn’t do that is because he never earned his stripes.”

It would have been very easy for Gardner to simply attack Hardman for his comments. The ex-Jet made very pointed remarks regarding the team’s leadership, coaching, and roster.

While making some pointed remarks in his response, Gardner carried himself in a positive manner and converted his viewpoint in a way that did not escalate the situation.

Gardner has achieved high on-field success in his first two seasons, notching him multiple accolades.

His leadership off the field, though, has been arguably more impressive. Gardner has represented the Jets in a positive light since his arrival and should continue to be one of their key leaders for the foreseeable future.

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Dustin Wood
Dustin Wood
2 months ago

Macole Hardman is a turd. And a cheater he should be suspended from the NFL for at least one full fiscal year. And then be on a probation period for no less than one year. That goes for the rest of the cheaters in the NFL they get caught cheating they should have the option of doing a full suspension for one year or longer depending on the severity of crime that they did with no pay and then a one year probation period. Sauce Gardner don’t give that man, anything he doesn’t deserve your respect You’re here on a team that’s starting out fresh working through its tough times to make a Super Bowl team he cried and left cuz he’s trash.