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Joe Douglas and the New York Jets may have swiped an undrafted gem in Bryce Huff, exactly what they needed: a play-in-space edge.

Jordan Jenkins was a nice re-signing. The New York Jets needed it. Tarell Basham and Jabari Zuniga will be counted on as well on the edge. Perhaps even tweeners such as Henry Anderson and Kyle Phillips are used outside again in Gregg Williams’s defense. But what the team really needs is an athletic, play-in-space edge man and they might have snagged one in the undrafted Bryce Huff.

Huff looks like a kid who should have been drafted. His raw athletic abilities alone should have been enough for one of the 32 franchises to take a shot yet his misfortune is the Jets gain.

Blewett’s Blitz breaks down the kid’s collegiate game and asks, “Is he ready to be an undrafted gem for this defense in year No. 1? (24 reps)”

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Bryce Huff (bottom edge) comes off the ball with good pace, hesitates as he reads the right tackle and squares him up. The RT shoots his hands, Huff throws a double swipe while jumping through with his right foot and throws the rip to clear his hips. Huff beats the RT but the quarterback gets rid of the ball.

Huff (bottom edge) comes off of the ball with good speed but a shortened stride. This allows Huff to have constant contact with the ground, allowing for a big step through as he swipes the hands. As you can see, Huff uses a swipe on his fourth step, propels off of it while taking an elongated stride with his fifth (right foot), clearing his body past the RT.

Huff beats the RT but takes his angle a little bit too flat to the QB. Hard play for Huff to make as the QB has some mobility, but if anything, Huff wants the QB to step up into the pressure.

Huff (top edge) comes off of the ball reading the backfield and then transitions into a rush. Huff hits the LT with a hesitation and stabs inside with the left which causes the hands to shoot. Huff double swipes the hands and explodes laterally off of the same left foot that he stabbed with.

He crosses over onto his right (clears himself to work up the arc as he softens the edge) and throws the rip to turn the corner. Huff beats the LT and attempts to chase down the QB who scrambles out to his right.

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You may know Joe Blewett from his wildly-popular film breakdowns and podcasts on websites including Turn on the Jets and Jet Nation. His ability to analyze film is second to none. From a player on the field in high school (FS/CB/WR/RB) to working with former NFL players including Marcus Coleman and Erik McMillan, as well as many hours of studying, Joe brings a rare level of expertise to his content. Joe is currently hosting Blewett’s Blitz, bringing player and game film breakdowns and podcasts (video and audio). Email: joe.blewett[at]
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