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New York Jets QB Zach Wilson is already establishing himself as a team leader off the field, spending plenty of time with his new teammates.

Part of a franchise quarterback’s job is establishing himself as a leader for the entire team. The quarterback needs to be someone that everyone in the organization believes in. To earn that respect, it’s important for the quarterback to put in the effort to connect with those around him, both on and off the field.

The New York Jets‘ new face-of-the-franchise is already doing that. Since his arrival in New Jersey, Zach Wilson has been continuously spotted bonding with his new teammates in a variety of different ways.

On Wednesday afternoon, Wilson was seen hanging out with some teammates on rookie cornerback Brandin Echols‘ live Instagram broadcast.

Here’s another shot of Wilson chatting it up with Echols and rookie running back Michael Carter.

We’ve already seen Wilson out at a New Jersey restaurant with Elijah Moore, holding practices with teammates, and binge-watching his teammates’ highlight reels.

If there were any questions about Wilson’s ability to connect with NFL teammates and spearhead a professional franchise in the nation’s largest media market, he is already dispelling them. Wilson is showing the traits of a natural leader. It is obvious that he values the importance of establishing strong camaraderie with his teammates, and the Jets’ brass surely cannot help but be thrilled with how much work he has put into making that happen in the very first month of his professional career.


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