Second-team MIKE Jamien Sherwood showcased his versatility in debut NFL game

A team’s later-round picks are always a big topic of discussion amongst fans after any NFL draft.  Of course, the excitement surrounding the early-round picks is undeniable, but the idea of finding a diamond in the rough seems to garner just as much attention.

The hope always remains firm that the general manager has identified at least one player that can eventually be categorized as a “steal.”

It’s late August now, which means the offseason honeymoon is over and preseason is underway. Although many rolls predictably roll their eyes at the exhibition campaign, it serves as the time of year when young and unproven later-round players get the opportunity they’ve always dreamed of.

Finally, after waiting their entire lives for the shot, these kids have a chance to prove that they not only belong on the 53-man roster but also have the ability to contribute to their football team in a meaningful way.

For the New York Jets, there are a number of these players right now. Jamien Sherwood, Michael Carter II, Jason Pinnock, Hamsah Nasirildeen, Brandin Echols and Jonathan Marshall were all picked in the fifth round or later. Each belongs in the possible “steal” category, which means Jets fans have picked their spots in anticipating which will rise to the top all summer.

Fortunately, in the Jets’ 12-7 victory over the New York Giants in Week 1 of the preseason, many of these players turned in standout performances. Specifically, however, there was one player that stood out due to his impressive versatility.

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Jamien Sherwood’s debut NFL film breakdown

I broke down four plays that displayed Jamien Sherwood’s true versatility at linebacker and on special teams (YouTube video can be seen above or by visiting Jets X-Factor’s YouTube channel).

The SEC product took full advantage of his opportunity to show the Jets’ staff that he has the physical traits to contribute to this football team in the 2021 NFL season.

Whether that’s hustling down on kickoff to lay a devastating hit on the return man or showing the range in zone coverage to force a pass breakup on third down as the hook defender, these plays are the first step in Sherwood’s process to send one simple message: He belongs here.

It will be exciting to watch his follow-up performance against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2 of the preseason Saturday afternoon.

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