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There are many candidates, but who’s the right one? Today we rank the New York Jets’ potential head coaches for 2021 and beyond.

Robby Sabo

On a Thursday in Florham Park, NJ, Adam Gase‘s team moved through just another normal practice. After a quick team session lasting several plays, the New York Jets broke out into positionals.

The defensive backs went their way to work on a little situational coverage, the offensive linemen decided to get after it with some half-line looks, and the running backs worked the gauntlet.

There was just one exception: Frank Gore.

Gore, 37, is an old running back. That’s no secret, and the man himself would have no problem admitting that fact. Due to his age, at least once a week, the man watches practice instead of participating.

As understandable as that is, it presents a major problem. Suddenly, one man is being treated much differently than the rest of the team. This is not ideal.

Just think about the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady dynamic. Over the years, the two of them have admitted the idea that Brady would never be treated differently than any one of the 53 players on the depth chart. Brady’s even encouraged tongue lashings in the effort to showcase that he’s just one of the guys.

The importance of that is tough to see, but it’s as important as anything in football.

Perhaps Gase understands that. Perhaps not. The fact that Gore is being treated differently is, in fact, the reality of the situation.

Gore’s off-days are just one more reason to think Joe Douglas and the Jets organization will make a change at season’s end. By no means is this Gore situation a final nail in the coffin; it’s one bad look out of many for the current head coach.

Whether his specialty is offense or defense, the next man in charge for the Jets must have the innate feel for commanding a locker room that Gase has not quite shown during his tenure in New Jersey.

Today, we rank the top 10 potential head coaching candidates that could represent exactly what the Jets will be looking for.

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Comes down to Sir Arthur & Brady. Can’t believe a college guy ( Matt Campbell ) would come to the Jets, unless Lawrence is a bigger draw than I could ever imagine. Brady is the pick, Very untypical of the Jets, pair him with Dan Quinn at DC ( a Jersey guy ) would restore fans faith in this franchise , genuine excitement.


I like your top two choice for HC of the Jets but few of the rest. Yes, the Jets need a complete HC who will coach the whole team, but first and foremost, they need a HC who will focus on fixing the offense and making sure that Lawrence succeeds. If Lawrence doesn’t succeed, nothing else matters. The Jets’ D has had too much focus the last 10 years, and the offense has been an afterthought. More than likely, any defensive coach is going to focus primarily on fixing the D, rather than building the offense around Trevor. In addition,… Read more »