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Why Treylon Burks should not be a NY Jets’ option at No. 10 | Film

Treylon Burks, New York Jets, 2022 NFL draft, Blewett's Blitz
Treylon Burks, New York Jets, 2022 NFL draft, Blewett's Blitz, Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

Treylon Burks’ film does not make a strong case for the Jets to select him at No. 10 in the 2022 NFL draft.

And now we move on to the main event, the position of pizzaz, glitz and glamour, the position everybody is discussing as it relates to the New York Jets

Wide receiver.

Sure, breaking down young fellas such as Tyler Linderbaum and Evan Neal—the heavy hogs who get dirty in the trenches—is nice, but weaponry is where the ammo is unleashed. It’s what drives the conversation. Who will be catching those Zach Wilson passes in 2022 and beyond?

The full Treylon Burks film breakdown (over an hour) can be seen at the bottom of this article) 

The Jets know they need to surround their young quarterback with more talent as he enters his sophomore NFL season. Giving him every opportunity to succeed in the NFL goes hand-in-hand with the success or failure of this Joe Douglas regime.

Based on the Jets’ attempt to trade for superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill, to go along with other offseason rumblings (value them how you see fit), the Jets undoubtedly want to add another legitimate weapon to the offense.

That brings us to the 2022 NFL draft and the top three wide receivers on the board.

First up is Arkansas product Treylon Burks. Can this kid fit that role Douglas seeks? How does he fit the Mike LaFleur offense? Is he worth the 10th overall pick? Is he better than some other options there? How does he stack up to the past WR classes?

All of this is discussed and more on the latest edition of Blewett’s Blitz (the full film breakdown is at the bottom of this article).

YouTube film clip and podcast episode

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Size at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds
  • YAC ability
  • Speed, acceleration for size
  • Jump ball WR
  • Ability to pluck balls
  • Vertical contested catches
  • Boxes defenders out deep
  • Strength
  • Strong stiff arm
  • Body control
  • Pulls the ball away as he catches
  • Tracks ball well (hands not out too early)
  • Works hands in routes
  • Comes back to the ball
  • Tight hands while catching
  • Releases mostly short strides and hop steps
  • Some pressure steps and rockers in routes
  • Good blocker WHEN he wants to
  • Uses hands to keep himself clean when going to get ball vertically
  • Vertical route running
  • Push by’s in routes
  • Contact balance
  • Flashes of altered route pacing on vertical routes
  • Raw but big upside
  • Fluid athlete


  • Route running
  • Schemed open more than he got open
  • A lot of free releases
  • Uses size/strength over technique too often
  • Lacks consistent blocking effort
  • Hand usage can clean up to defeat CB
  • Can be more forceful/sell drive phase better
  • Needs to commit to stop/break and pivot steps in routes
  • Didn’t defeat press consistently
  • Didn’t run the full route tree
  • Can bow routes out
  • Doesn’t eat up enough space when threatening CB
  • Spacing in routes
  • Tries to one-hand catch when he can use two hands
  • Some drops
  • Lunges into stop steps
  • Rounded square cuts
  • Lots of dead time on back-breaking routes
  • Not as strong of a contested-catcher over the middle
  • Leans out of breaks
  • Needs to work short stems more
  • Can show frustration in body language
  • Needs more urgency/pace in routes
  • His effort is hot and cold
  • Limited release package
  • Loses balance too often
  • YAC is good but not great
  • Used in the backfield but not as a true running back

Full film breakdown

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2 years ago

A lot of strengths and a lot of weaknesses. I would still take him because Zach needs weapons. He could be Saleh and LaFleur version of Deebo Samuels.

2 years ago

Gimme Edge and OL in top 10. Nobody at other positions worth taking

2 years ago

Yikes. Biggest red flag is the effort for me. Deebo should sue for defamation of character next time they compare him to Burks. Technique they can teach but if a guy isn’t mentally bought in it worries me. If we’re in a position where we’re trading back into the 1st to get a WR, okay, but if you’re going to bank on upside why not go with someone like Pickens in the 2nd.

2 years ago

I disagree. London’s not going to do crap in the NFL imo. His efforts to be physically aggressive are just going to wind up with him on the IR. Burks is smart. If there’s nothing there, he runs out of bounds. He’s big, but he’s a WR, not a FB. He seeks evade contact rather than initiating it. With the Jets we’ve seen what happens with a WR being too aggressive physically (Enunwa). Did you criticize Curtis Martin for running out of bounds rather than fighting for another yard? He does need to work on his blocking and route running, but he has talent and a high football IQ that can’t be coached.

You also really need to work on polishing your presentation. You said yourself in this video that you didn’t organize your screen well, clearly haven’t planned what you’re going to say and how you’re boing to say it, waste a lot of time mumbling, stuttering, not finishing phrases and comments, that make it hard to follow. You clearly have a lot of knowledge that you can share, but you weaken your points with your presentation. I hope for your sake that you will work on this because you could become a topnotch evaluator with some organization, planning, and work on what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and when.

2 years ago

I agree Joe, I would go London at 10 to let Wilson take advantage of his size. Oh and bh the way, Deebo Samuel romoved his 49ers stuff from his page if you didn’t know yet. Lol