New York Jets DT Quinnen Williams unleashes his full skill-set in Denver

After a quiet first two games, New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams came alive against the Denver Broncos in Week 3.

Williams finished with four total tackles, one and a half sacks, and a tackle for loss. He was active in both phases, notching two tackles against the run for gains of two yards or less on top of his sack production.

“Big Q” used his strength, length, and technique to destroy Denver, starting with his first-quarter sack.

The Broncos were facing second-and-five at the Jets’ 46-yard line. Williams is lined up at three-technique, shaded over the left guard. Denver calls a play-action power, with the left guard pulling, and Williams being double-teamed by the left tackle and center.

Recognizing the double, Williams stays low and positions himself between both blockers. Williams attacks the center’s inside shoulder with one arm, turning him parallel to the line of scrimmage. Using his other arm, Williams keeps the left tackle at bay and free of his chest. Once the center is fully turned, Williams has a clear path to disengage from the blockers and bring down Bridgewater for the sack.

Later in the second quarter, Williams stopped a potential 94-yard touchdown.

It’s the start of the Broncos’ fourth drive, first-and-ten from the Denver six-yard line. The Broncos line up in a 12 personnel set with two tight ends to the right. Williams is aligned at the 1-tech between the center and left guard. Denver is running a zone wrap play, designed to open a cut-back lane for running back Melvin Gordon.

At the snap, Williams engages the center and shoots his hands into the center’s chest. From this position, Williams is in control and can freely stack and shed the block. Williams reads the cut-back from Gordon, tosses the center aside, and tackles Gordon for no gain. If not for Williams, Gordon could’ve easily hit the cut-back lane, and would only have one defender between himself and the end-zone.

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Williams’s second run-stuff of the day was downright jaw-dropping.

On first-and-ten from the Jets’ 41-yard line, Denver calls an inside zone run from the shotgun. Williams is back at three-technique lined up over the left guard. At the snap, Williams fires off the ball and unleashes a devastating hump-move on the left guard. That move knocks the left guard off balance, and Williams blows past him to tackle Gordon for a two-yard gain.

Williams’s final play of the day was an example of technique, motor, and rushing with a plan.

It’s third-and-ten from the Jets’ 21-yard line. Denver is in a shotgun spread set and the Jets are in a Wide-9 nickel defense. Like before, Williams is the three-technique over the left guard. At the snap, Williams goes for a two-armed bull rush, getting his hands inside the guard’s frame.

The guard is initially knocked back, but resets his hands and starts to anchor to stop Williams. Williams smartly counters and transitions from the bull rush into an arm-over, resetting his inside arm outside of the guard’s frame. In one fluid movement, Williams swims with his outside arm while stepping laterally with his outside foot, and crosses the guard’s face to clear the block. Once clear, Williams engulfs Bridgewater for the sack, holding Denver to a field goal.

Following his slow start, Williams looks poised to continue dominating in his new role in Robert Saleh‘s defense. Williams’s combination of strength, length, and technique make him a perfect fit as an interior penetrator. Be it run or pass, Williams can attack gaps and render blockers useless as they try to hold on for dear life.

As the season continues, Williams should only improve as he gains familiarity in the scheme. Based on Week 3’s tape, he is ready to dominate.

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